Harvest (Neil Young Cover)

There is a struggle when it comes to creating content, as I’ve found, and is evident from the gap within me posting on this blog. While I  consume and create a great deal of media – literature, music, etc. – I tend to become caught up in the background of it all. That is to say, I find myself critiquing work and never releasing my thoughts to others, except through one on one conversations; furthermore, with media that I am creating, I tend to become too enthralled with editing my work rather than releasing it for others to possibly enjoy and hopefully critique.

I must say, it is an issue of mine that I am going to work on in the coming year. For their is no use in me writing or recording music if I do not produce it for anyone else to consume. Otherwise, I’m just creating an echo chamber for myself, in which my  work goes unnoticed.

So, with the year coming to close, here is a step in the right direction. While I am still writing other music, I decided to record a quick cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest” from his ’72 album of the same name. Neil Young has always been an artist I have gravitated towards, whether for his melodic tendencies or for his style of songwriting/lyrics.

I am looking forward to what I’ll end up creating and releasing in the coming year – in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my rendition of “Harvest.”

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