Impulsive Grocery Shopping

Are you sick and tired of eating the same old meals? Frustrated with your lack of creativity in preparing food? Reaching the brink of sanity after having the same breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each and every day? HAVE I GOT THE ANSWER FOR YOU! 

TRY – BUYING NEW INGREDIENTS (Insert uproarious crowd applause)

When stuck in a rut, buying different food items are an ease free way of you attempting new recipes. Sure, you may get stressed out while attempting to clean and prepare beets or squash, but that’s the fun of it. 

Have you ever thought about sticking that fresh peeled carrot in your eye, hoping that might end the boredom that the cyclical consumption of the vegetable has brought you? Well, you just need to buy new vegetables!

Step out of your comfort zone and live a little. How many times a week are you going to prepare rice, beans, and broccoli for dinner? Why not throw another vegetable in there?! Toss that broccoli out the window and give peas a chance

Find yourself wanting to slap your peanut butter and banana sandwich against the wall than rather stick it down your throat? Well, worry no more! Why not buy some hummus and a red pepper! Slather some of that creamy hummus on your bread and top it off with the piper (cut into strips) and WHAM! You have got yourself a new staple that you can rotate into your normal eating habits. 

Have you ever wished that your Kashi and almond milk slurry would suddenly turn into something more desirable, rather than looking like a mirror image of your anxious and scattered being? Stop being cold and make it hot! Switch out the cereal for some steel-cut oats. You don’t even need to remove the almond milk! Now, just throw the two together on the stove and you’ve prepared yourself some soul-warming oatmeal for these chilly, winter mornings. 

Has your inability to produce smoothies that bring all the boys to the yard got you down? Well, have no fear. Before you even leave for the grocery store, hit up a site that provides recipes for mindful shakes and smoothies. There are so many examples out there, so why not seek out more information. Stop going with the same old, same old and spice it up.


Getting stuck in ruts, when it comes to cooking, is rather easy. Especially when living on a budget, it becomes comfortable to get stuck in a routine – a way in which we can forget about the costs of living and simply achieve base nutrition each week. Whether strapped in by a school or work schedule, prepping meals can become another stress and “time-waster” placed on top of an already hectic schedule. The idea here is to change up what you’re eating – to keep your eating habits fresh.

If on a budget, this might seem difficult to take on, but with some attention it isn’t too difficult. Once at the grocery store, try and switch some items out for one you normally wouldn’t grab. Whether breads, fruits, grains, or vegetables, adding some variety can bring some life back into your eating – relinquishing you from your repetitive, zombie-like cooking habits. If you grab apples every week, switch them out for pears. If you pick up a bunch of carrots each trip, switch them out for a bunch of beets. If you are used to grabbing kale for your salads, replace it with spinach or collard greens. Rather than buying almond milk, buy soy milk or coconut milk or whatever non-dairy milk.

While some of the recipes I linked above are a bit more complicated, containing an accumulation of ingredients, don’t feel as if you need to incorporate them all. Recipes are meant to be tinkered with. Whether changing ingredients for your specific tastes, or removing some due to budget, the key ingredients will make the basis of your dish and provide you with the needed sustenance. So, while you might lose some flavor profiles, you won’t lose the necessary food items that make it whole.

Grocery stores have so many products within them! By consistently reaching for the same products, you are denying yourself of a vast range of food tastes and textures. Break the routine and bring some life back into your diet and experiment with the ingredients you have at your disposal. Don’t be such arugula guy/gal, try something new!


3 thoughts on “Impulsive Grocery Shopping

  1. Interesting timing. Just yesterday I was wondering if I was getting enough diversity of ingredients in my diet with making smoothies out of pretty much the same ingredients every day. Though I include all of the super foods advocated by the nutritional experts, it would probably serve me well to seek out some interesting beans and greens to add to my regular selections. Thanks!! Hope you’re doing well, Devin. >

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