Atlantic to Pacific – Cross Country US

There are times in which life takes the path you are traveling on and splits it in two. Other times it will break it into three separate destinations. Most times, the path becomes a wicked entanglement of paths diverging from a single point. The latter tends to be the reality we are faced with, complicated and rife with indecision, one in which we attempt to plot the outcome of our choices, where we weigh the various paths and the opportunities hidden within the brush lining them. We can spend our time creating a plan from which one can tactically expect the outcomes that stem from the path we choose, but it tends to be an ultimately useless task. Life can be unpredictable, sometimes painfully so. Whatever schedule and strategies we construct may very well be thrown by the wayside within a moments notice. It is a personal devastation when this happens, as it illuminates what little control we have over the future. Yet, it can equally be humbling.

So when you’re met by that unkempt crossroads, why do we tend to rely on the path we know best? When the future is as unpredictable as it is, maybe it is more preferable to shed our comfort and take a chance?

In terms to physically moving in life, we have all faced this problem: you lose interest in the area you’re living in, or you simply want to move somewhere else. Yet, you begin weighing each and every option, questioning yourself at every turn, and never end up making a move and taking a chance.

After telling myself for years that I had wanted to move out West at some point, I’m finally making that move. I held off for the past year, although talking about it so often, because I was unsure of the decision – what financial security would I have, was it a smart decision, was it worth moving away from family and hometown friends, etc. I took a small step on moving out, moving back to my collegetown from my hometown post-graduation, and it was the initial impulse that I needed. Since making that decision, I have fostered this momentum that has allowed me to continually reflect on my current reality while pushing me to take risks and explore the unknown.

In life’s unexpected way, I have had opportunities arise that have provided me with the necessary impetus to officially move out West, particular California. I have seen very little of the country, so I am wholly excited to embark on a cross country road trip in reaching and settling down in California. Compared to the part of the world I have come to know so well (New England), I am intrigued and ready to explore the cultures and natural landscapes that exude their own, unique lives and stories across the United States. Most importantly, I’m excited to begin down a path that I have yet to travel, one in which I can test my limits and brave the unknown.

Traveling from New England to California will make for a long road trip, but it will make for an undoubtedly meaningful experience. While this trip/move is still a few weeks out, I plan on keeping up on my blog during it, blogging about the places I will eventually visit, along with the exceptional people I’ll meet along the way.

If you have any suggestions of places I should attempt to visit between here and there, feel free to comment on this post with them. Any and all recommendations are appreciated. I look forward to experiencing this country first-hand, duly reflecting on it and the culture found across the states and territories I’ve yet to visit.

If you’d like to keep up with my travels along with my blog, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter @devinrlarsen!

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