Life in Moderation

Who tore apart my schedule? Who threw my papers all across the room, intertwining them with hastily removed clothing dropped onto the floor? I think I might now. At least, I can feel them. It has left scratches across my back and had left me with shallow breath. I refuse to turn towards the door, but I can tell that they have entered…


While life throws you into a gamut responsibilities, it is easy to become overwhelmed. It takes patience and a cool head to approach what tasks are at hand while not redlining.

Right now, on my end, I have a variety of interests and necessary tasks that need taking care of, and I am assuring that each gets my attention. Whether that’s planning a soon-to-come cross country move, seeking work in the area in which I’m moving, editing and crafting written material, drawing and editing digital artwork, running, and interacting with family and friends from home, there is a lot on my plate; however, I have been calm throughout it all.

I am mindful of all of the work that needs attending to, and I attribute that to the general calm that comes with proper time management and scheduling – setting aside time for each activity in the day while assuring each gets the same amount of attention. And even when things begin to feel as if they are becoming a bit overwhelming, I need to simply acknowledge the struggle for what it is, while understanding that belaboring myself mentally over it will heed no progress. Whether based upon how we mentally or physically spend our time, or in how we mentally approach these topics, we need to understand that moderation is key (as it is through all of life).

When it comes to dealing with stress and situations like this, it’s best to know that you’re not the only one dealing with it. Likewise, it’s useful to hear how someone else overcomes these stressful moments, because maybe we’ll find something useful within it. If you’re dealing with some serious issues, or simple, everyday stress, know that if you have the possibility to change the conditions and reflect upon your mindset, you can bring yourself some calm just the same.

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