Knoxville to Memphis

I have few words for you today. Instead, I would like to share some photos that I had taken while traveling I-40 West through Tennessee – stopping in both Knoxville, TN and Memphis, TN.

Both cities had a unique sense of life – the new districts interspersed within the old – and featured a lively art and music scene that could be seen and heard while walking their streets.



While I passed through Nashville, traffic so was horrid that I decided stopping would make for a poor use of my time. I still had the entire Western United States, so I figured I would save my time for the ventures to come.

Before seeing Memphis, I had decided to make a stop somewhere else – a destination that I had wanted to see for quite some time. While I could have placed that location, the experience, and the photographs taken into this post, I felt it ill-fitting. The destination I had traveled to deserved a post of its own.

Heading south after leaving Nashville, I was off for Oxford, Mississippi. I was set to see Rowan Oak – William Faulkner’s estate.

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