“Art,” on the Side

A creative mind requires an outlet. For most of us that use this website, creativity is produced through the form of writing and/or photography. We might refer to our productions as a means of getting our thoughts down on paper, so to say, and to provide a slice of our lives for others to experience — perspective. For some, maybe we refer to what we are creating as art. For the few, those that regard themselves as high-caliber, they might refer to their creations as Art, capital A necessary.

Since childhood, I have explored and practiced a variety of means in which to experience and produce creative material (so-called art or Art). Music has been central as a creative outlet of mine since a young age, beginning with percussion instruments and moving on to the likes of guitar and vocals. Writing found its way into my life at an early age as well, particularly because of my love for literature. While writing has become the foremost creative outlet for me in years past (in that I am still writing lyrics and music, but that I have been exploring the means of fiction writing on a larger scale than I have music), I still make sure that I am flexing and exercising my creative muscles when I can. They might not be perfect, but I want to assure that I am producing material that I think is refreshing. By strengthening one language (the written language, the melodic language, a mathematical language, etc.), you are equally fostering the ability to communicate in other languages, whether you realize it or not.

One other creative outlet that I have explored since childhood is that of art. Along with reading, I would often spend my time holed away in my room, drawing pictures of monsters, athletes, and whatever else came to mind. Over the years I found other creative outlets that began to interest me more, music and writing, but I still kept at drawing when I had the time, doodling pictures of idiotic caricatures of people I either knew, celebrities, or people I created in daydreams — contorting proportions and playing with perspective.

I had wanted a tablet for a long-time, simply because I knew it would create the impetus needed to continue drawing again. I understand that I would not be regarding this work as Art, for the idea of what I enjoyed drawing was simply silly and rather crass. Instead, I wanted to set aside a few hours for one to three days of the week in which I could flex that drawing muscle again.

The tablet was purchased a few months ago, and it has honestly been so much fun! I’ve kept this account largely anonymous up until this point, but I figured it is about time that I start spreading the material around for others to see — particularly people like you, those that read my blog posts and quite possibly follow me.

Hopefully you find these as funny and, quite honestly, stupid as I do!

If you’d like to stay up-to-date, feel free to follow the Instagram account and catch any other strange, ill-proportioned drawings I expel from my brain.

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