Sail On

Sail on, Merri-Man
Tonight you’ve found the sunken gold
All the barnacles that make your coat
Your gnarled grin rests upon the sea floor

Sail on, Forlorn Girl
You’ve worked your kneaded knuckles to the bone
All the shattered lives that’ve left your home
Your bastard child has left this nest and flown

Set sail into the foggy maze
Bloated and drowned are your days

Swept off towards the rocky seas
Listen now to hear the cries
Of the swollen ever-reaching sky
A calm memory in your dying time
The lowly pains that have sunk your ship
The shattered mast that was once your spine
Engulfed by the deep-blue mire
Anchored beside where your fears lie

Sail on, Bastard Boy
In a sleepwalk roaming through the mist
The murky waters that stain your lips
Your drunken mind has drifted, sailing on

Sail on, Swollen Soul
Wading in the ebb and flow
The misty ‘morrow you’ll never know
Soon you’ll be sailing home

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