A Year Out: Gojira’s Magma

While I don’t listen to metal that often nowadays, but there are some albums that still catch my attention. One that I have yet to give up is Gojira’s 2016 release Magma. While a lot of people stay way from metal for the tired stereotypes of it being either too self-indulgent/technical (Dragonforce, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater) or idiotic/uninspired (Megadeth (nowadays), Disturbed, Godsmack, etc.), there are countless acts that produce digestible albums that any fan of music can appreciate. Dom Lawson of The Guardian stated in his review of Magma, in which he gave it 5/5 stars, that Magma “is the kind of album that metalheads would love non-believers to check out,” and I entirely agree with him. 
By stripping down their unique sound even further from their previous albums, Gojira produced an album that highlights some of the best attributes of the metal genre, all while structuring songs around destructive riffs and catchy-as-hell melodies. The key to the album’s success, whether as a popular album and both as a metal album, is that while it “simplifies” the sound and approach of the album, it doesn’t lose any focus regarding groove, aggression, or technicality. Most importantly, it is another step of progression for the band, providing fans with yet another distinct album, while wrangling in listeners that tend to stay away from the metal genre. 

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