Sunset on Essex County

There’s a mother yelling out into the yard
Where the children play and dream large and far
When the maple light has gone and grayed
The children head in, pausing their plays

There’s a car wreck on the other side of town
Gasoline and blood staining the ground
When the sun falls behind the trees
Passerbys don’t even think to weep

There’s a family sitting down to their meal
Fruits of labor and love from the field
When the world hums and turns its head
They’ll pray and break their bread

There’s been a silence since the sun went down
No matter cause it’s coming back around

There’s a man sippin’ scotch in his home
In a photobook, feelin’ all alone
When the night sits still on his face
He’ll set his glass down and end his day

There’s some teens out by the riverside
Snuck a kiss and they finally feel alive
Reflection fades from the outer banks
They wander home, hand in hand, giving thanks


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