A Hipster in Motion


The minimalist movement is consuming U.S. cities: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and NYC will soon be void of bicycles; bicycle lanes will be re-branded with white stick-figure paintings of bearded white men strolling about on their unicycles, Chrome messenger bags wrapped around their torsos and a fresh cup of Blue Bottle coffee placed within one of their hands.

If you liked this ten word story, or are in the market for more digestible stories, be sure to check out Dime Show Review (DSR), where this short story, “A Hipster in Motion,” was featured. Here’s another ten word story I had featured through DSR some months ago, entitled “Fresh Fruit”:


You might have an excuse to not read—my dog ate my books, reading leaves my skin coated in hives, or I can’t read and breathe at the same time, but you’re already reading this, so go check out Dime Show Review.

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