Who Yelled This: Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay or My Fifth Grade Baseball Coach?

  1. Fuck you all.
  2. I’m so fucking embarrassed.
  3. What is this shit?
  4. What the fuck is going on?
  5. Hey, don’t piss your pants, just stay focused!
  6. You’re just going through the motions!
  7. Can somebody wake him up!
  8. Hey, fuck you all.
  9. Take the fucking thing!
  10. Useless fucking pieces of shit.
  11. You’re fucking next. I swear to God.
  12. You dirty pig.
  13. Wasting my fucking time, effort, and fucking money.
  14. None of you are communicating; no one’s going together; no one’s making eye contact; and no one’s reminding each other as a team.
  15. I’m about to snap with you.
  16. You’re pissed? Aye! Look at me! Not as much as I am! You’re a fucking donkey, ‘cause right now I don’t give a fuck, dickface!
  17. Come here you fat fuck. You’re pathetic.
  18. The big fucking sack of piss and wind.
  19. Let me whisper something very important into your ear: fuck off.
  20. You are so fucking sad.

Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay: 1-20

My Fifth Grade Baseball Coach: I don’t want to talk about it.

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